July! Posted August 7, 2014


July has come and gone! And what a busy wee place we have been. Sometimes at the end of the day we look back slightly bemused at our life and the business. It has been so much more than we could have hoped for. We were prepared for a first year of marketing and ‘taking things slowly’ to find our feet, but the word seems to have spread so much faster then even twitter! The weather has not made much difference to the day to day running – on the gloriously hot summer days we had through the month people sat on the beach with ice creams and cold drinks, and came along in the evening for dinner before heading home, on the inevitable wetter and midge ridden days we were full of refigees from the wilds. we seem to have built up a lot of support from locals as well and this, we know, will be key to us lasting. Over the winter we hope to host some events and keep the Sunday Menu running- with maybe a quiz night (or day), some music and maybe themed menus – sometimes we all crave a curry!

Seafood is proving popular of course and it is brilliant to be able to point to the bay and say ‘It comes from there’ – scallops, hand dived from around the cornber, prawns and squatties from the rather rock and roll Roddy!, and finally Mackerel! Mackerel has been the scene of some contention in the village – the local fishermen have been out daily, popping by the restauarant in the evening checking who’s getting it and who’s not.  Nicky and Adrian, our fabby fellow ‘good lifers’ didn’t quite get the results they were hoping for at first … a day out to sea, hours of sitting patiently and dangling their bait…. admiring the mackerel as it swam the other way. We met them at the shore, “How did it go?” A bait bucket presented with a small floundering cuddy in the bottom. ‘Not so good’ . Not being quitters out they went again, daily. Nicky was outraged – she only fished for mackerel because it was almost foolproof – they flung themselves in the boat normally….  I was just about ready to offer some pizza we have saved in the freezer – (strictly for emergencies, you understand) when we heard the hoots of joy – and we had a wee peek in their trusty wee Pioner – yep,  a haul of shining, silvery scales….and the unmistakeable gleam of…. coley, pollack and the odd crab or two. Nicky thought she had snagged some seaweed, only to discover she had in fact caught herself a pretty good haul of everything-else-but-mackerel!
Perseverance huh? Tjhe mackerel has put in a show though and we have a lovely stash of it being marinated in Aart’s scnadinavian style marinade – Gravad Max. A beautiful cold cure of sugar, dill and various other not even I know what ingredients. I think he will be smoking some for himself later too, and I suspect we will be sharing some with Nicky.

We have August ahead of us and we are looking forward to a couple of lovely small functions here at the Gille Brighde too, one of which is  a group of gents getting together and enjoying a surf & turf lunch stag do. The Seaflower charter boat from Shieldaig will be bringing them over and it sounds like a  smashing day out to us! We also have a couple of very exciting things happening in early October as part of the Torridon Mountain and Sea Festival… so do watch this space! Lots can happen before then of course!

And finally, a couple fo pictures of the sunshine and sea from this month….. to whet the appetite?

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