Holiday and Home Posted December 10, 2014


It’s good to be back – even if we have been greeted by a ‘phenomenal weather bomb’! And indeed it is… rain, hail, snow and wind. Wind that is whipping us about quite a bit, and a swell that is creating huge waves to crash against the rocks. It’s all pretty awesome really. But after a fortnight of busy Moroccan Medinas and London town it seems pretty relaxing really! We had a good break, our first since before coming to Diabiag, and spent a lot of time running around, getting lost, shopping for a multitude of tin lanterns and spices and taking bad photos. A city holiday certainly puts life here in the Highlands into perspective, and for us, in a good way. I started to miss this place whilst standing at a tube station at rush hour. I think most of those commuters probably travelled together every day at the same time, and yet no-one was speaking to each other. No passing the time of day, or a cheery hello. Endless disruptions and crushes which seemed to be taken pretty much in the stride and a sense of speed and rush that was fairly exhausting to us! I suspect our city days are over now – at one point I was feeling a little bit smug when I realised I had worked out our route via tube and that we could change stations and be where we needed to be… Aart’s response, ‘Let’s get off here and walk. I am done. I don’t think I will need to use a tube again for a significant amount of time’. Significant. And we walked.

Our little house still needs much work, and we have a lot of renovations to try to fit in before Spring,  the continuous hard work and challenges that running this wee tiny business entails are all in front of us. But we will be facing that with a content heart, and much chatting and labour sharing with our neighbours and friends here. Everything takes longer and rushing doesn’t help, but waking to know my commute is across a pebbly, sea-shore and that en-route I will see birds and maybe even an otter or two does. Knowing we could ask our lovely neighbours to look after our wee dog  and knowing we would do the same, being part of a community with a much hardier yet gentler spirit, laughing at our ‘Bumpkin’ status and looking forward to Christmas shopping in our community centre market or the local shop is something more than precious to come home to, and knowing without a doubt the heady dog eat dog world is something we would walk away from every time.



  • Katherine 10 December, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    We were lucky enough to visit just before you went away, and I was hoping you wouldn’t have to do the rush hour tube thing! Glad you survived! For 9 miserable months I stood on those platforms and vowed never, ever again.

    You have such a very special spot to be able to return to, and one that left a very deep impression on both of our hearts. We had a fabulous week in Gairloch and will definitely be returning, probably based nearer Torridon next time.

    Glad you’ve enjoyed your break, and very envious of where you have gone home to.

    My mouth is still watering thinking about my lunch that day!


    • Amanda 10 December, 2014 at 5:24 pm

      Hi Katherine, I cannot imagine living there at all – mind you it was in the run up to Christmas so not a huge surprise at how busy it was. In defense of Londoners though, people were friendly enough when in a face to face contact situation- it was the feeling of anonymity in the crowd that unsettled me most. Even I (ahem) would have to do something seriously outrageous to get noticed!! Morocco has also left it’s impression- a friendly people overall with very persuasive sales technique! But yes indeed it is quite wonderful to be home again, I have never felt homesick, ever, having travelled and made temporary homes in many places but I could hear Diabaig a calling. Really glad you enjoyed your holiday – a good place to revitalise. We will see you next time x


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