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Best Eatery!

We never thought that we would win the award, not really… it was just fab to be shortlisted, but what a thrill and a very special moment – to actually pick up our first shiny prize for the Gille Brighde.

Our wee labour of love has been quite a journey. From the moment we saw the old schoolhouse we believed it deserved to be somewhere that served Diabaig well, but I don’t think anyone would have thought it would take off quite as well as it all has.

That of course brings us to our heartfelt thanks to all you guys…  funny quirky and maybe fateful beginnings with Nigel and Jan, Wilma and the Community Council, the endless support, help, advice and wisdoms from the surrounding community with Ivan, John and Shena, Neil ‘The Mackerel’, Marianne, Colin, Happy & Linda, Ruairidh, Roddy and Anne all deserving big happy claps! Encouragement and genuine support and special shout outs to the amazing people & businesses who have really made it possible to source locally – we are so lucky to have them!

The community here has made us feel so welcome – not just in Diabaig itself but all the little hamlets, villages and small warriors doted along this wild west coast and of course the social media community have really kept us going – especially when we get a wee bit weary!

This year we were especially fortunate to have a real live team in the kitchen and restaurant – Joshua in kitchen, Jo out front and Caroline as our magic cleaning fairy! These guys have worked so hard and been such ambassadors for the Gille Brighde- without them it would not work at all.

Chris and Russ, Fiona and Donald and Nicky and Adrian are the posse of love, laughter and friendship we treasure.

Special thanks to my mum for her sparkling light and endless endless words of encouragement and belief, my brother for techy support along with heavy doses of brotherly annoyance, Arie (Aart’s dad) and Dino for amazing building help which laid the foundations of the restaurant and our entire family which has had to put up with the dreams, schemes and plans for as long as we have!

And finally, our customers – it is a long road and we are so glad you make the effort! Thank you for all the fabulous reviews and feedback, and for being patient when it’s not perfect, but most of all for filling the Gille Brighde with laughter, chatter and the wonderful bond of eating and drinking with friends.

This is a fine beginning for this wee place, and we will keep our feet firmly on the ground but continue to gaze up at the stars (especially to a cold clear winter’s Diabaig sky). Thank YOU! X

These are some of the superstars of our food world:

Kenny Morrisons Butcher, Gairloch

Coast and Glen Fish and Game

Williamsons Fruit & veg, Dry Goods

Loch Ness Brewery

Cairngorm Brewery

Orkney and Shetland Breweries

Macleans Bakery

Connage Dairy

Torridon Stores and Café

Highland Wholefoods

Strathnaver Wines

Sutherland Brothers

Wester Ross Fishery

Isle of Ewe Smokehouse


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