Balance Posted April 28, 2016


This year we have decided to close on Mondays and Tuesdays (at least for now) and that’s a hard decision to make. We would dearly love to be open 7 days and nights if we could but it just isn’t possible. We have discovered that we are not 25 any more… boo ! Our aim was always to provide a high quality, fresh and friendly eaterie here in Diabaig. It is a labour of much love, but also of sweat and occasional tears. I’m sure many of you will realise  how much preparation, organisation and planning goes into keeping our standards high and our lives and your visit happy! We need to keep those standards consistent and be able to remain focused throughout the season. And we are just 2 people with our wonderful 2 ladies helping us out. Jo and Caroline both keep us on track and are a huge asset to our business, sadly for us they can only work part time. In the future we may be looking to expand the cooking team… for now we just can’t. This is our baby! And it needs to grow up a wee bit first.

This summer we are hoping first of all for some sunny days! Last year was gorgeous in September and October but I really don’t remember snow as late as this! Our 2 wee pups seemed to enjoy it though… bit fresh at 7am though for me.

We have also already had our fair share of amazing characters visit – one in particular I’d like to mention…   A brilliant, bubbly and slightly mad Jonathan Booth arrived on Diabaig shore in his cosy little campervan and was out at all hours with his camera. Now, we see our fair share of incredible photography from here, it’s a very inspiring landscape and who can resist big moonlit starry skies and a shipwreck resting at the foot of a mountain on the sea loch? Not many of us, and neither could Jonathan. But have a look at some of this fellas work – we are blown away by it! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of his work, and of him in the future… watch this space!

We also hosted the biggest event yet for us, a 30th birthday celebration over 2 nights and a Sunday morning. Marathon! But the Bacon party were lovely, happy and fun (and 30 people chattering is loud!!) We did our best for them, and they seemed really pleased with venison (from their Diabaig estate) and seafood from the loch, plus a cracking kedgeree for brunch. All served with Aart and Jo’s hearty laughter, some Rolling Stones and much Ale!

We actually have a few big functions this year to look forward to – it’s  great that people want to celebrate special times here – so thank you for that! The feis Rois Gaelic Ceilidh Trail are heading our way again in July – so BBQ is ready and this year I have demanded sunshine – last years gusty drizzly day didn’t put you off but I was a bit dreich flipping burgers outside while the restaurant was jumping to the cracking tooons….

That’s it for now, time ticks on and I have carrot cakes to ice, steak to marinade and vegetables to chop….endlessly it seems! Ha!

Much cheer from us here at the Gille Brighde!


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